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Fluorine plastic:

ETFE is a tough material, all kinds of mechanical properties to achieve a better balance - tensile strength, high tensile strength, medium hardness, excellent impact resistance, long service life. ETFE is a good dielectric material with high dielectric strength, high dielectric constant of 2.6, high resistivity, low dissipation factor, only 0.003. Its low dielectric constant, in the case of frequency and temperature change is basically constant. The use of ETFE temperature range is more practical, constant temperature is usually set to -65 degrees C to +150 degrees C, in the ultra low temperature is still hard, the embrittlement temperature is as low as -100 C. In addition, ETFE has passed several stringent fire resistance tests, such as IEEE 383, and UL 94 V-0 level. The physical properties of most chemical substances are small, and the permeability of common gas and water vapor is low.

FEP crystal melting point is 580F, the density is 2.15g/CC (g / cm), it is a kind of soft plastic, its tensile strength, wear resistance, creep resistance is lower than many engineering plastics. It is chemically inert and has a low dielectric constant (2.1) at a wide temperature and frequency range. The material does not ignite, can prevent the spread of flame. It has excellent weathering resistance, low friction coefficient, from low temperature to 392F can be used. The material can be made for molding, extrusion, and granular products, used as a fluidized bed and electrostatic coating powder, made into water dispersion.

PFA is a relatively new of PFA, the melting point is about 580F, the density is 2.13 - 2.16g/cc (g / cm). PFA is similar to PTFE and FEP, but the mechanical properties of 302T are slightly better than FEP, and can be used under the temperature of up to 500F, which is very similar to PTFE.

PTFE (PTFE) is a kind of artificial synthetic polymer materials used in all of the hydrogen atoms in the fluorine substituted polyethylene. This material has acid resistance and alkali resistance, characteristics of various organic solvents, almost insoluble in all solvents. At the same time, PTFE has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, it has a very low friction coefficient.


Fluorine rubber:

Whole fluorine rubber, the product features: excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, has the homogeneity, the surface does not have the penetration, the crack and the pinhole and so on. These features can improve the sealing performance, prolong the operation period, improve the utilization ratio of equipment and optimize the production capacity, reduce the maintenance cost effectively.

FKM is the abbreviation of fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber can be divided into three basic types: namely, fluorocarbon, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber. Fluorine rubber is a special synthetic elastomer, with other rubber incomparable excellent performance, such as oil, chemical resistance, good physical and mechanical properties and weather resistance, electrical insulation and radiation resistance, in all synthetic rubber, its comprehensive performance is best, commonly known as "rubber".


Silicone rubber:

Silicone rubber is a leader in synthetic rubber. It has non-toxic, tasteless, not afraid of high temperature and characteristics of protection against the bitter cold, at 300 degrees Celsius and minus 90 degrees Celsius "poised", "without blinking an eye, still without losing the original strength and elasticity. Silicone rubber has good electrical insulation, resistance to oxygen aging resistance, light anti-aging and mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc.


Special rubber:

EPDM (EPDM) has superior resistance to oxidation, ozone resistant and anti erosion ability, of polar solvents and chemicals resistant, bibulous rate is low, has good insulation characteristics


Engineering plastics:

Peek (PEEK) is a excellent performance of special engineering plastics, and other special engineering plastics compared with more significant advantage, resistance is a high temperature of 260 degrees, excellent mechanical properties, self lubrication, resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant, high peeling resistance, abrasion, not resistant to nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, anti radiation, super mechanical properties can be used for high-end machinery and aviation technology