insulation ring
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insulating ring

Product Name: insulation ring


Material: ETFE


Material code: PS-ESF613


Characteristics: good insulation, good dielectric materials, high combustion, low smoke resistance good chemical corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, good high temperature mechanical, solvent resistance, ductility good


Use: super capacitor insulation, electrical insulation material, PFA special containers, PFA filter, PFA lined


Use temperature: -65 to 150 C


Use environment: it is suitable for the environment of the super capacitor and lithium battery electrolyte, which has good resistance to aging and insulation under high temperature changing environment.

FLUOR PLUSEAL (for the super capacitor and lithium battery industry)

Fluorine plastic insulation sealing series

ETFE or PFA (Code: ESF) for the super capacitor and lithium battery industry

Fluorine plastic / teflon seal (including: insulation gasket ring, etc.)

. good physical properties - tensile strength, elongation;

. chemical stability excellent -- resistance to hydrofluoric acid, acetonitrile etc.;

Temperature resistance - high temperature cycle can be carried out, the maximum temperature of 250 degrees Celsius

Excellent insulation properties