O ring (EPDM)
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O ring (EPDM)

Product Name: O type sealing ring


Material: EPDM (three EPDM)


Material code: PS-ESE512


Material characteristics: has good oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to aging, chemical resistance (acetonitrile, ammonium tetrafluoroborate, hexafluorophosphate lithium phosphate, alcohol, acid, alkali, ketones, esters, etc.), water absorption rate is low, good elasticity, good insulation; in fat and Fang is a solvent (such as poor stability in mineral oil and gasoline, benzene and so on).


Material uses: super capacitor sealing ring, battery sealing ring, cable, wire, high temperature water vapor environment seal

* use temperature: - 40 to 120 degrees C, transient or intermittent use of 160-170 C

* volume resistivity (insulation): 1.62 * 10^11 M

* electrolyte (super power): tetrafluoroborate, acetonitrile (solvent)

* electrolyte (lithium battery): LiPF6+ solution + organic additives

* compression permanent deformation: excellent

Note: the super capacitor / lithium battery O type ring matching the use of insulation ring (PFA/ETFE) customers can choose according to the actual requirements of different shore hardness